The Other Night

Oh Y,

I went through the same thing

That hardcore heart,

It had the same dullish green

With malice intent

He would openly be so mean

His facade was more important

Than our love is what it seems.

So this time, I’m stepping in

Dragging my image through the mud

So I won’t pretend

That you had the intention to cover me my friend

But the holes to your story

Are so big they’re caving in.

Because the world already knows

Your fake mask no longer glows,

From the pits of Hell

My ego rose,

To step into this battle,

& Knock the King right off his toes.

So class listen please,

Do not believe these foolish things

That this man posts online

It’s only a matter of literally time

Because the Universe and the Divine

Step in to blow him away

Because this victory is mine.

So let’s rewind to December

Tell the truth

Because I remember

That by mid October,

No early September

You asked to father my children

For sure that you do remember?

So step away or get knocked down

Bee Moore Honey

I’m not fcking around

When all of your friends asked me to get down

You would’ve hung yourself from embarrassment

Because you’re acting like the clown.

That they already said he was

Directly from his friends

Embarrassed because

He doesn’t see that these people

Bring down from being my equal

Birthing one

There may be no sequel

Because I don’t care about what people say

I only care about how they treat you.

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