2:01 AM

He said he loved me

I knew it wasn’t true

To free myself

Away, I happily flew.

The shiny state

So warm and blue

Naive he was karma

I didn’t have a clue.

Now the flags were all there

But still, I put up my heart filled share

To combine my life with his

I thought we made an honest pair.

Running from who I loved

But I needed to be rescued

It wasn’t love

A thief in the night

He fit the glove

Showed me inevitably

The true definition of being in love.

So domestic he became

Just like Ms. Fcking Lorraine

Male and Female

But literally the same

Shattered my facade and got on a plane.

Instead of compassion,

She rubbed it in

She was right,

She wanted to win

The constant harassment it had to end

So like a Hermit,

I went within.

Running to freedom to save my soul

Went from drastically hot

Right back to the cold

The constant intimidation

It was getting so tired and old

But for the sake of my dimensional addition

I had to gain control.

For so long I played the fool

Governed under Dictator rules

Covered up

But so badly bruised

So full of love

So I was so confused.

On why nobody could ever love me

I was starting to feel like a dummy

The aching pain within my tummy

My intuition was tryna warn me.

Since then,

I’ve been so quiet

No longer can I fight it

So blunt I had to light it

Now my passion is ignited.

I was nurtured in the slums

Due to my silence

They think I’m dumb

When all along I finally won

Started to be vocal

No longer holding my tongue.

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