Baby I love you

& I’m grateful for everything you do

You have the ability to change my mood

& Make all of my dreams come true.

To give the world to you

Is something I’m planning to do

To my home I finally flew

& Our Spiritual bond rapidly grew.

All of my life I wanted love

From you I wasn’t thinking of

Yet you sat in a heart filled tub

Full of pure love

& Abundance

Humping fast, I started coming

For about 13 years,

This man has been on to something.

Since 15, the energy I seen

Was like the man in my dream

The one that made me scream

You know exactly what I mean

So many things for us

I already seen.

Man, Beloved

When did I become so worthy?

Last July I had to hurry

This man had me really worried.

Shattered my own tower

& Poof! No more worries!

& Now here I am

He literally manifested this so y’all don’t understand.

That it was a matter of time

Before Beloved & Divine chose us to shine

As our fans wait in line

To applaud our beautiful bundle of joy

& Admire our bind.

On our thrones we appoint

Roll his backwood

Play his favorite joint

The Queen of his heart

That’s ultimately my point.

So I just wanna say thank you

I promise to remain faithful

Taste of my own medicine

So I open my mouth thirsty to taste you

Stopped resisting this connection

But it took for me to not chase you.

Blaze me


Driving Miss Daisy

Eyes low and hazy

How I feel about you makes me feel alive & crazy.

So as we allow our dimes

To fall into line

I relax and recline

Because I stood last in line

Had to let you ditch

All of the chicks you wouldn’t hitch

So when it was my time to pitch

Of course I hit that bitch.

Right out the park,

I made a heavy mark

Caught his eye from the start

Naive to how smart

He’s always been

Call him Twin

Jameson – Gin

My Chokolate sin

I love your skin

Ready to procreate he came within.


He opened his heart

Sweet but tart

Virgo you are the King of my heart

& We shall never be apart.

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