Clearly I’m sent from the gates of Heaven

I feel like I was chosen,

Lucky number 7.

October to be exact

Libra Sun & Moon

Sagittarius rising

Loud explosion, baby check the facts.

Fall with no reason

Finally my season

Beloved this is treason

My Blessing accounts over freezing.

Cliff no hook

Read him like a book

So afraid of my next move on the board got his mental shook

Look at what it took

Feed him, I’m his personal cook

Turned on by one look.

Man look,

What else can I say about him?

Just know I won’t play about him.

Scatter peasants, remove all the fake from around him

Small but mighty so I fright them

Circus but I never clown him.

The stories in the past

Away, I had to blast

Grab his hand at last

Let’s ditch this dimension

Hot in our kitchen so please listen….

Around him I don’t know how to act

& It’s a well known fact

That our bond runs deep

So slowly upon the creek

Away with you I sneak

Monday to Sunday

His Spiritual freak

So freak out

Scream and shout

Your Power I have no doubt

This is gospel

You make me scream and shout

Fill me with cream

His nightmares dream

So bright the beam

Modern day dream

Sprung in February

Cannot wait until Spring

I cherish the love you bring

When you’re ready just give my bell a ding.

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