9:48 AM

Baby stay the night

I hope you will

Something real I want you to feel

This vibrant sex appeal

Gives me thrills and chills

Spin like the wind mill

I mean, forreal.

Since I followed this path

Had to move quick,

& In a dash

I hit the blast on the dash

That made us crash…

Into each other

Love me all over

I don’t even care you could smother

Melt me like butter

In negativity they utter

Upper cut em

If they speak on you

Turned my red days blue

Home to you I flew

You are my dream come true.

Nothing else to prove

So let’s ride our groove

Exception to all the rules

Highly equipped

I absolutely love your tool

Call me Jasmine

The fool

Mouth watering, I drool

High up on the pedestal

You are the one

The grand jury has ruled

Foul on the play

The world can be so cruel.

Open my arms to embrace

Run my fingers across your face

Permanently placed, cannot be replaced

Engraved on his heart

Moving in Spirit with so much grace.

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