He makes me feel fine

When we’re together

I feel like I can bend time

Rewind the times

When our bodies intertwined

To the climax I climb

Slowly gyrate

My hips I wind.

Oh, man call it hammer time

Nail the screw into the wall

May the chandelier fall

No one but Beloved I call.

Action, no need to stall

Blessed and highly favored

Grateful overall.

I’m appalled that they thought he wasn’t mine

Oh how many times I tried

To tell them I was chosen

Even when they killed my name

Still the land remained frozen

Had him compelled

To my shore see,

Watching seductively as I bask in all my glory

So many obstacles and challenges behind this story

The father of my child

No need to call Maury.

In the past men would bore me

Tally on their belt

Just to score me

Until one day I was sick of it

Figured out who was really for me.

Been behind me for forever

Now all of the fallen pieces are coming together

Standing next to you through any weather.

Whether or not they agree

I told you it’s us, well now we

So you see,

Baby I’m ready for you

Been chasing and I indubitably do.

If you ask for my hand

No other man or woman understands

How heavy this love lands.

Valentines Day everyday

You give me chills

& The thrill of how real all of this feels.

Tears in my eyes as I think of the kid

His and only his

How Earthly this Spiritual love is

In a few months I’ll show y’all our kid.

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