12:41 PM

Oh baby watching you transform

Is another type of soft porn

This subtle form

Of resisting to conform

So cold but fcking warm

Heavily I’m swooned

My heart he’s swarmed

Grab his arm and represent

From the Spiritual gate

I’m sent

Undefeated no one has me beat

Because my skills are so eccentric

So intimated by the glow

But still feigning to get near it

Dangerous bomb

His child

Me, Mom

So chaotic yet so calm

So put your number on my palm

So melodic to wiggle him out his underwear I charm

& Mister I don’t mean no harm

Been watching you from afar

Shades off staring directly at the star

So close yet so far

Chokolate, can you hop in my car?

So we can drive far

For you I raise the bar

Staring at you so zoned out, the world around you is completely marred.

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