Number 1

The storm today was huge

It took so long to diffuse

My intuition I had to use

Because my boundaries I could no longer allow to be abused

I wanted to free him from his facade

Because his behavior was kind of odd

Not even calling him a fraud

But I had to pull his card.

Came directly from the heart

I knew my intention from the start

Just ready to fulfill my part

Bring your into the light from the dark.

The only loyal on his team

In our royalty we beam

Things haven’t been what they seem

But to be with you is my dream

& Every word of this I mean

So addicted to him

I’m a feign.

So let’s fly away from Earth

& Await for our child to birth

Compel the world

Under our curse

Prepared for anything

No need to rehearse

The mother of his child

& I’m the first.

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