Can no longer conceal what I feel

The assumptions of something real

I still feel triggered, I need to heal

Sick of asking for you to spill

Constantly left with the chills

& As Beloved spins the wheel

Constantly starving from the lack of meals

So I withdraw my attention

Beloved is here begging me to listen

Time to trust my intuition

Increasing my Self Love is my only mission

No longer granting his permission

Constantly feeling the distance

Fcking creating karma with his resistance

& At this point I don’t feel the bliss

So I’ll gladly withdraw my wish

To stand before the world

& Share our kiss

Secret mistress

So what did I miss?

As above as so below

Through faith I’ve learned to let go

Physically transforming I must continue to grow

But protecting my peace

As I regain control of this show.

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