I changed my life in one motion

I flew across the ocean

Karma was my choice

Because you didn’t use your voice

So apart we had to be

For me to truly see

You are the one for me

Was blind but now I see.

The Gemini Moon

Sings the tune

Automatically the position I assume

To feel your broom

Boom Boon Room

Room Seven

The Number of Heaven

You are genuinely pleasant.

& Your company I thoroughly enjoy

Carrying our joy

Hoping for a boy

Oh Boy!

Can you imagine?

Us standing on the Moon

Silhouette glowing through the gloom

Away on my broom

As we sing a passionate tune.

How gentle your touch

The towers we’ve crushed

Created the dust

To infuriate this lust

In you & only you I trust

Your presence in my life is a must.

So please touch me

Cmon, love me

Put no one above me

When I need the push

Please do take the honor and shove me.

Because I love you

I loudly scream it

Of you, I dream &

I intentionally mean it.


Let’s take our stand

Attention we demand

Because all across the land

They’ll always wonder

Where we began.

I only let you

So don’t be gentle

Constantly intrigue my Mental

Turn me into a pretzel






The things we are tying

Cannot be undone

Promise to never run

At the sound of the gun.

Spiritual & Dimensional Protector & Provider –


You only get one.


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