9 of Cups

Mystery man you are

But really the loudest by far

They were afraid to speak

Intimidated by energy

Online bold, in person so weak.

But not you.

I don’t know what it is about you

So much hope but then at times I doubt you

Lost in the dark, lightly I found you

Put my Spiritual energy around you

Floating in the air

So I came to ground you.

Punishment, you need to be alone

So Beloved could speak to you on Her one

God Complex he takes the throne

Actions and now words

He makes me see

The things I heard.

Action makes me high

Smiling genuinely I can’t deny

That the knot I wanna tie

Away on the plane we fly


Mary Jane

Spectacular yet plain

This addiction for you I can contain

So Officer restrain me


So baby drain me

Connect your cord to mine

So we can ignite this fire

& Desire

With you, I retire

Player card expired

Make all of the naysayers

See who is the liar.

Your Honor

This is my truth

On August 4th I’ll birth the proof

Take us higher than the roof

From the world we take aloof.

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