10:19 AM

Slow dancing like lovers

So into each other

Allowing our hands to roam the others temple,

So many physical things to discover.

On top of the covers

Passionately kissing

But still we don’t smother

So much respect for each other

So we respect the boundaries,

When we don’t need to be around you see

That time when we need independent space

Spiritually connected so we visit that place

I run and here he comes to chase

Playing like it’s recess

Even when this dimension is tough

Beloved still grants us the space

To drift off into the heavens

Enjoying the free play

So what do you say?

Do you like my plan?

Are you fit to be my dimensional man?

Are you the one to conquer all of this abundant land?

Are you truly the one; my lover, and friend?

Spiritually we align but here

It’s never been time.

But I’m right here,

Smiling – wildin

Tell the peasants to file in

As Beloved works Her magic

Divine timing is what’s happening

& You still tell me you don’t believe you’re magic?

Explain how all of this happened?


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