7:10 AM

Fantasizing about my fantasies

Even when the current is harsh,

I feel the ecstasy.

Through so many cycles,

The Universe was constantly testing me,

& In the past I passed em all,

So now is the season where Beloved is blessing me.

Love Spell,

He put a hex on me,

Ego strong so he tried to flex on me,

Emotionally erratic myself,

So I openly expressed it see,

Selfish and naive to my pain, creating a mess in me.

Since the new Moon in Aquarius,

He activated my rising Sagittarius

Call me a Kitty

Because he makes me so curious

& in the past we were playing

But now I can feel that things are getting serious.

So through the glass we gracefully transcend

So long ago,

Our journey began

Channeling our highest power

No longer resisting the wind,

Allowing Beloved to blow the tower to pieces,

Grounded Spiritually so we win.

Fools in love

So high we fly

Magnetically physical you can’t deny

The tears of joy I happily cry

I genuinely believe in Magic

& My name is exactly why

He ditched the cake,

He loves the pie.

This piece of life I openly bring

Yes, I do

I’ll loudly sing

If ever acquainted with a ring.

Ring My Bell,

I love the ding,

Couldn’t find the genuine love you bring….

Anywhere else.

Past life husband,

I wore your ring

Been in love for years,

So this ain’t a new thing

In this forever, this ain’t a fling

I wrote this for you,

So do you know what I mean?

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