WEEK 14.

It’s time to speak your truth

All the things you said

That have no proof

The facades that continue to roof

The house of your identity

But I built a booth

Outside the toxic property

I can’t wait to handle this properly

At this point

Nothing but love is stopping me

I won’t expose you

Your Love is on top of me

So be a King and call the village

Let them know you’ll father the rest of my children

Time to solidify our building

So we can continue to grow

On new experiences and feelings.

But how do you call yourself a man?

Holding this facade in front of your plan?

So finally I took a stand

To fall off the cliff

& Release your hand

Beloved is begging me to align

I don’t apologize

But it’s my time

Independent of you

I am Divine

& Even through the hellish fire

I still came out fine.

So I withdraw my beating heart

At this time we’re falling apart

& As the door to value starts to unlock

I run from you and straight into the dark.

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