Capitalized, I always come first

But instead, he treated me like a curse.

At the sight of temptation, he fights hard to quench his thirst

But he’s still weak in the knees &

So naive to how it hurts.

Holding on, his grip is stern

Still resisting, he hasn’t learned

So I’m step up to the plate

Because I’m not afraid to learn.

High Priestess

She carries his secret

Disappointing me to my max & he don’t even mean it.

But I do not apologize that I am expressive

No longer feeling submissive

Never on time

My class he ditchin’.

So when he bombs my pop quiz

My salty tears dilute the fizz

Not understanding exactly what this is

When I’m the Mother of his kid.

So it’s in my best interest,

That I start withdrawing my attention

Synchronicities screaming loud

Beloved, I shall bow down and listen.

Because to you,

I openly surrender

So sensitive, I feel everything at the center

He is the recipient of this love letter & I am the sender

No longer speaking French,

I’m waiting for our package to be delivered

Constantly being left in the cold,

So I heatedly start to shiver.

So indecisive on my place,

Because he constantly wants to chase

His own facade

I plead my case

He slipped his mask back on his face

So at this point, I need some space.

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