Only the Universe knows my journey

From my toxic upbringing to my karmic story,

But here right now,

I have so much glory

Because the things She has shown me

It’s like manifesting before me.

Magic and I can feel it,

My open wounds She started healing

Clearing the karma for all of my children

Queen of my own Castle

& I stand undefeated.

So sensitive, I’m a Crier

His selfish acts I’ve grown so tired

I cannot wait to prove who is the liar,

So he can be knocked from his pedestal

As I gracefully rise higher.

Time doesn’t exist but when this expires

When Beloved decides to cut that long wire,

That disconnects your ego’s fire

I told him I was Lover & also a fighter.

But the unworthy must be taken away

Upon the Land of Time

He cannot stay

ArchAngels take this madman to forbidden bay &

Restrict the Barbarian to his famous cave

Since he wants to be socially enslaved to people who speak so lowly of his name.

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