Feigning to be in control

Resisting his destiny

So on his ego he has a strong hold

While Beloved is working on me,

I continuously transform and mold

But I’m anxious because he’s being stagnate

& I feel like he’s too old.

Different in public and private

In fear of his shadow,

He can’t even hide it

But the massive amount of love for me

He’s holding it in side cuz

His suitors of the past crushed it into pieces

So now he’s tryna hide it.

But from his facade I’m breaking loose

No one can silence my loud spoken truth

My growing abundance is so evident

Do I even need anymore proof?

You identify as the surviving

Receiving recognition when you not even telling the truth!

So as I fly away in faith,

This mission of love,

I’ll continue to take

I shall not interfere with fate but

You wanna hide it and eat it too

I am not a birthday cake.

So from his position, I joyfully resign

A chance to comment, I shall decline

As Beloved and I continue to intertwine

I’ll fantasy about the memories of our love because

Pretty soon, to the world

Our Sun will shine.

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