Welcomed me into his Spiritual lair

So old fashion

But he lived the life of a player

Rock hard his core but

I continued to crack open the layers

Close my ears to the world

Not feeding into the nay sayers.

Because their assumptions didn’t click

No attraction

It didn’t stick

& All of a sudden it happened quick.

As my breast fill up with this nourishing milk

The undergarments I wear

Aren’t made of silk

Because with him

I shed my clothes

So I can hurry to curl my toes

& The harder the passion

The higher my voice rose

Sexual experience so intense

It’s like we’re the pros.

As the curls on top deflate

My body begins to shake

So much pain I had to take

To enter the door of personal healing and happiness

Willing to sacrifice anything

& It’s not up for debate

Our sentences continued to run on as the periods came up late.

Then slowly they started to fade

At first, I was feeling like I really got played

But Beloved chuckled and said that,

I wasn’t denied

I was just delayed

Gratitude for the rainy days I prayed

Here with you I should’ve stayed

Released the beast from my Jasmine covered cave

Creature of the land

But last season I had to change.

No longer feeling shackled

No longer enslaved

Securing our third dimensional foundation

Fulfilling the promises from the past life that were made

Beloved please feed him brave

Barbarically he shaved

His Emperor ego he had to tame

His cup of love he offers to me only

My dear we are not the same

Earth and Air created fire

Can’t wait to see what beautiful concoction we made

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