5:35 PM

Equally as intense

This mysterious man is creating so much suspense

Bending never breaking

I quickly hopped the fence

Drenched in his love and no need to wear a trench.

Sugar coated words

Saying all these lovely verbs

Seductive nouns he drunkly slurs

Like a cat in heat, so loud her purr.

So please

Reveal what you have planned

Remove your mask

Are you Superman?

A mermaid in distress I washed upon his land

Beloved knew I needed a hand

So he stepped in, yes that type of man.

All of this is what I planned

I’m so in love

& That’s not even something some of you will understand.

I know you can

But are you able?

Balance my scales

Please make me stable

Plug me up, act as my cable

I love you as you are

No need to change you.

So that may sound strange

But no need to rearrange

No longer wrecking my brain

Released my burdens

Preparing for fame

He’s compelled me to his heart

& I’ve never been the same

Cupid shot me point blank

So precise his angelic aim.

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