Victory is mine


7:10 PM

I feel Divine

& Upon request

I never decline

Regardless of how busy

For him,

I always have time.

So openly

I genuinely express

All of the lightness upon my chest

Like the curve figured behind my breast

Beats for his love

So I wear a vest.

As protection

From their envy

Instead of love

It’s like they fear me

But so wise,

None of them come near me

Because he’s my ultimate protection

& He no Minnie.

Some may call him Mickey

Tongue kisses

Leave a hickey

The situation is getting sticky

Divine Intervention is at play

Y’all don’t even really hear me.

So Beloved,

It’s my time

The star that Rose through the Land

Can now Divinely shine

The Linguistic High Priestess

Convicted for crime

Because I stole his heart

His bloody property is now mine.

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