King of Coins

Where have you been all my life?

You were on the left

I was always looking right,

In the wrong direction

Running to the intersection

Holding my sign reading:

“In Need of Affection “.

Across the street

You just watched

Noticing the clock


Ready to pull the trigger

Digging in dirt

Gold Digger.

& Oh baby

Go figure.

I ran away from something true

I feel everything because of you

I can feel heavily disappointed

& Then as sunny as the sky blue.

After a new moon

The pretty flower bloomed because of June Gloom.


My favorite tune

So in love

Yes I’m swooned.

Physical representation of Kryptonite


I’m so doomed

My favorite thing caressing my body

Adam to my Eve

Fruit of the Loom.

So can we intertwine?

I would love to read the lines

That design your heart

Grateful for the time we spent apart;

Because now I see the value of your presence

No man embodies

Your God Like Essence

Ruler of the Village

They act as peasants.

& I don’t even know

There’s just something about him

The orbit of my planet

Continues to go around him.

My Saturn

His Venus

Linguistic genius

King Ding A Ling

Ring Bells

He’s the meanest

Grass is the greenest

So I stand on his lawn


I’m his pawn

I love to twirl his baton

Wake him up at dawn

Beloved’s spawn

Artist & Con

Oh Mon


Day to night

Sleep tight

Hold me all night

No longer do I wanna fight

Be the left hand

Since I’m the Right.


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