Are we supposed to be?

It’s clear you don’t know how to love

You act so afraid

To be placed above

But on your rope

I’ll no longer tug

All mushy in private

But in public

No hug?

Like what kinda man are you?

It’s starting to seem like all the rumors are true

I could be a vivid color yellow

But you make me feel blue

Blew because you continue to lie

Intuition already told the truth

So Beloved

I declare

For his selfishness

I do not care

I recall my heart

My feelings I’ll spare

He’s fcking choosing himself

& Thats so unfair

Calls himself a survivor

Constantly drools on me with his hormonal saliva

So tell me

What will it be?

Social media

Or me?

Please say it louder for me

If you can’t stand up behind your words

Then please set me free

Our couple

Is now a family of 3

I mean 4

Don’t hurt my daughter

If you don’t have any Moore

Because I’ll kill our bond for good

Cut the brakes

Under your hood

Fck you and that’s my mood

You’ve been treated so badly

You don’t even know how good

I am….

But I won’t be good forever

A few months to pull it together

Because alone I can solely weather

This storm of envy

Or we could do all of this together …..

Your choice.

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