Happily smiling in the tub

I’m already knowing what it is

I’m pretty sure I’m in love

& In the beginning

From the symptoms

It was the last thing I would think of

The intense love and disappointment were heavy

Such heavy emotions I continued to sink from

Been around for so many years

So in the beginning it was kinda weird

& Breaking our bond was all I feared

Took me all of these years

Of heartbreak and tears

Running from intuitions

Because of fears

But the line between lover and friend

Is rose-fully smeared

So I accept your abundant love

I enjoy your kisses

& The hugs

That come from

Legit, a passionate thug

So now that I’ve said how I feel

I’m hoping you can heavily deal

With the cards we’ve been dealt

If we play them right

We’ll win

So much faith

I have within

Polar opposites

But my twin

I’m so happy that I started speaking from within

What a win.

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