Moon in Taurus

Curiosity at an all time high

This type of energy I canโ€™t deny

Grounded on earth

But you make me feel fly


I donโ€™t even know why

In the voice of Alina

Nothing can come between us

Reaching for his Venus

Kissing in public

Not caring who see us

So whatโ€™s the hold up?

Letโ€™s get hitched

Run off into our ditch

& I swear nothing will be missed

Temptations are the least

Of our concerns

Reciprocity is already earned

Pour into yourself

& when youโ€™re done

I want to take a sip

Blow to cool

Before it hits my lip

On my tongue

At the tip

Dancing like we grown

Gyrating more than just my hips

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