Thereโ€™s so much love inside

From all the men who tried to hide me

& The ones that tried to deny me

I really donโ€™t know why

But they continued to define me

To be a woman

I never was

& It was really all because

The ego inside

So much of

But intimidated by the woman

I am but to them

Naive I was

So okay I had enough

Spiritually so tough

The pressure cut my edges so rough

But under pressure

Renders beautiful diamonds

So the past is over

I had to let up

Rising higher than ever

Pulled myself together

They say to never ever believe

In โ€œperfectโ€ and โ€œforeverโ€

By Orisha Sevyn

Divine Spirit | Mother | BS | MBA HR + PA | Spiritual Leader | Greetings! I am here to speak my truth & resonate w/ those who need a little Moore guidance. ๐Ÿฆ‹โœจ

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