I told him when I mustered up the courage

To leave him it would really hurt

Libra Sagittarius Libra

But he continued to walk on me

Like Earth.

Being with him
I truly noticed how low I was

In Self Worth

Because he continued to step on my heart

& Deep down it hurt

I never spoke my heartbreak story

But now I speak so secure in my glory

When he manipulated my emotions

He didn’t want me to feel worthy

& Then I started thinking out loud

How bad he didn’t deserve me

He hurt me

Quite blunty

Instead of love

He wanted to stunt

Always rolled

He made it so blunt

I let him go

So he could continue to front

So why are you here dear?

You wanted me gone

SO I disappeared

Such a lame

I cried so many tears

But now I scream cheers

Since I freed myself

& Faced my fears

Hi Happiness,

It’s been years.

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