I wish we could be real grown

Just one moment in time

When we’re alone

Two glasses of red wine please

No ice

Room temperature

That first sip makes you feel real nice


His eyes entice


My time I sacrificed

To be in this place

Under these fluorescent lights

Gyrating my behind

To every slow tune

As the waitress pushes the broom

The room goes dark

& He pulls me a little closer

Switches to bending me over

& Slowly I whine neglecting time

We hear the Last Call chime

But baby I just need a little more time

So we can grind

Even though everyone is watching


So they feeling our energy

It’s kinda enticing


What do you say

We take a chance

To enjoy this slow dance

Our temporary romance

Is mentally my forever

How our bodies are pressed together

I dropped my sweater

Slowly down my shoulder

Feeling our heart beats getting closer

To dancing in a way that would be so inappropriate

Which is why we don’t expose this shit

So like I Lady

I wiggle my hips to grab my fallen sweater

At that moment

We mentally orgasm together

Gyrate my hips up his erection

& We move walk together

Slowly into the sun

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