East Atlanta Love Letter

But we live in Chicago

He disappoints me so much sometimes

But makes me fall in love at the thought of just his tone

I respect his space during this journey

I know the distance is long on this path

So I don’t even worry

Take your time to heal

Don’t worry

I’m am the Divine Feminine

Modern Day Cinderella Story

It’s not even about me

So I can’t even say you’re ignoring me

You read every text I sent

You know that love is my intent

So many years I spent

You feel so jaded

Like mad dizzy, spin’d

I love you, okay

Just like that

Screaming it loudly because it’s facts

I’ve always seen the real you

So you should know our bond is real true


Real glue

It is not an attachment

We’re connected


Twin Flames

His coldness is reflective

I’ve now made myself warm

Transformed into my Highest Form

Spiritual Chokolate

But he’s torn

Because a little piece drives him crazy

Emotions so heavy making him lazy

Stuck in hermit mode

He’s bound to go crazy

Holding love in

Baby listen

I think you love cat fishing

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