Iyana Nicole

To the most beautiful girl in the world to me

I know a ton

But this is specifically for

Iyana Nicole Ward you see

You are everything


That I had hoped for you to be

You are the purest feeling of love

It’s vibration I feel with a idiosyncratic intensity

Even when you start to transform

I’ll still see my little baby

Even when you think you’re grown

Even at the age of 80.

& Even when your sunny days start to feel shady

I want you to read this poem over and over again

Stand your ground

Remain elated!

You are blessed and so genuinely beautiful

The sweet vibration of your voice is so fcking beautiful

So I really want you to read this anytime you need to

You are a vibrant Spirit of love

Rely on your feelings to show you how people treat you

Never ignore your intuition!

Never allow your ego to defeat you

Remain the beautiful baby I birthed

An angel walking earth

I thank Beloved

The day She released you

She is truly Mother Earth

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