He’s hanging off the cliff

But I keep telling him to fall

It’ll be real quick

But really soon I got the hint

He really was afraid of the hits

Yet my journey was pretty tough

But I moved forward

I did not quit

I let every branch on the fall down hurt me

But face turned to Heaven

Faithfully feeling lucky

That the Universe fully trusts me

To test my own ability and strengthen my faith

My fall was lovely

It hardened and toughed me

I became a Woman

Speaking so highly of me

He’s hanging on

With bleeding nails

We could really move on

But the screams and yells

Now have my attention

The crowd above me is begging me to listen

I’m listening harder to my intuition

Baby fall and be exposed

Let me see your fallen position

By Orisha Sevyn

Divine Spirit | Mother | BS | MBA HR + PA | Spiritual Leader | Greetings! I am here to speak my truth & resonate w/ those who need a little Moore guidance. 🦋✨

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