I can hear the birds getting louder

So free and unclouded

So mature but yet childish

Simmering in my Highest Power

Becoming aware of my own triggers every hour

“Hi I’m Jasmine”

Such a pretty flower

But the shit I’ve grown through

Boy what a pile

But I’ve noticed

I feel so much older

So much wiser

So much closer

Of aligning and balancing my scales permanently

Even the smallest human interaction I feel intensely

Flying higher than ever before

I mean, can you feel me?

I know my purpose is such much deeper

The One

But you can’t keep her

Because you lack the self security

Taunting himself

Feeling temporary pleasure

But so use to feeling pain

I hate what they’ve done

To drive his lane

To almost crash

I dream about him and it’s break my heart

But I laugh

Because I have more faith in him than he does himself

I know the cycle he’s going through

So at the gate

I’ll continue to wait but this time in distance

My High vibration is really the secret

I broke the little whore

I can resonate no more

Genuinely secure

Intuition continues to pour

So I listen with good intention

Heart light on

& Im not passing on the opportunity

To grow through this with you

I see the wounds and what they did boo

But I promise it feels so much better

You gotta hold yourself together

Gravitate toward me

It’ll be a pleasure

They continue to leave you in the cold

& Here I wait with this abundant nurturing sweater

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