I call back all of my power

Constantly running into towers

The moments seem like every hour

The fruits of my labor

That once were so sweet

Now tasting sour

So please remove your energy

Not liking how you got me feeling G

It’s like you’re metaphysically killing me

Passionate flames

Turning cold

You’re really chillin me

No longer can I maintain

Can’t shake this King of Wands from my brain

Call me actively insane

But this abundant faith is now to blame

I cried a few in the moment

Back on my feet

I’m moving forward

The sound of joy as I move towards

Your insecurities are moving us nowhere

Constantly making it unfair

Selfishly you try to share

But at this point I do not care

This little secret love affair

Has gravitated to the air

Hanging high like the moon

I see the blessings in the gloom

No longer making room

For any husband not my groom

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