I keep forgetting this journey is about me

He’ll sacrifice himself

So lemme set myself free

He can cut his own wrist without me

& I mean this so figuratively

Physically so strong and discipline

But his spiritual fuel of empowerment

Is smaller than this third dimensional tower of toxic shht

That surrounds his Godly form

Caught in temptation his heart so torn

He must detach from the things he’s known so long

Time to let go and swim in uncomfortable

There’s no comfort in playing with my emotions

& It’s triggering my insecurities

I only want the best for me

& It’s standing with security

So if that means bringing Justice to the world in solidarity

Then alone I shall stand in my own authority

I will not back down from this righteous path

Surpassed the past

I am ready at last

& I apologize if he’s so use to being so stagnant

But my abundance is growing fast

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