This experience was brief and sudden

So many lessons I’ve already learned from it

It was such easy money

I was in my glory

Naive to the fact

That the Divine had something else in mind for me

Discriminated against in public

It was mad corny

Professionally insulted at the least

It was hard for me

But like a Lady

I stood my softly ground

Professionally expressed

That I was a target

& the shots were kinda loud

I’ve done a lot in the past

& Professionally, I am proud

But I am a Libra at my core

So without

Employee related Justice,

I move around

Like I was constantly insulted

That’s not how I get down

But I know the hood over my bumper

Can get hot and pretty loud

So I dismissed myself transparently

These little threats are no longer scaring me

It’s like they testing me and swearing me

3.93 GPA

So I don’t care to leave

Working since 19

These job fairs are simply date affairs to me

Constantly making me prove that I am worthy

Never even giving me the chance

Just a hard curve me

Top performer so now you scurry

Madly insulted but please don’t worry

I was vocal to all the locals

I can walk away for I am hopeful

I already read how this story ends

2017’s lesson repeated again

Was such a loser in the past

But HR I win

It’s not the brand or the logo

It’s the culture within.

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