I feel the cycle is finally at a completion

Paid the final balance on the rent

Emotionally trippin

Like he fled the life he painted for me

The facade was fading quick then

I guess my absence ruined his imagine

I thought Popeye could fuel up and eat his spinach

But this,

He basically started

But I had to finishย 

Refer to the beaches and sun

Like it was the Cook County prison

Manipulated my mind

Until I freed myself

From the mental space I was confined to

Facing the woman in the mirror like

“Must I remind you. . . . . “

That you Rose through the Land

You are a Diamond

Not this pebble

He’s tryna refine you to

He should be so lucky he even found you

You are a 7 leaf clover

Buried treasure

That’s why it takes so long to find you.ย 

By Orisha Sevyn

Divine Spirit | Mother | BS | MBA HR + PA | Spiritual Leader | Greetings! I am here to speak my truth & resonate w/ those who need a little Moore guidance. ๐Ÿฆ‹โœจ

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