I’m not sure of his zodiac sign

But I guarantee you can recognize the signs

He was the same height as me 

So intimidated he seemed to be

Held a quick Facebook conversation

From it, he began to bug

I guess he had different intentions

Ding A Ling Discussion Bells were ringing

But for his ego, it wasn’t his season

See he was caught up in the mess I created

Thinking I left him friend

But hoping and sweating

That I approached him in that tense

Did he lose his common sense?

Now what did he think of this?

I was half laughing and half pissed.


What type of woman did he think I was?

Disconnected the phone

“That’s all you wanted?”

Was his reply but it was smug

He was upset this wasn’t a chance

But like a clown I let him dance

Rescinded my invitation

He thought he was someone to have me waiting

Not knowing I told my man 

He played himself silently

But loudly, I ain’t complaining 

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