“I don’t believe in Magic”

But suddenly all of this happened

& I remember not too long ago

I remember this wasn’t up for discussion

Every time I got near your ice box

You’d press the panic button

But , Poof!

All of a sudden,

You are melting into my arms

Like margarine


We can go from being upset and screaming

To romantically feigning

Ready to pull over

& Case a sex scene

The intensified passion

My curiosity is triggered

& I’m mad at you!

This love I feel

I dreamed about before

But all along the Universe was making me give Moore

To myself because through you

I’ve grown to be the Free

No longer living in fear

I’m as happy as I appear to be

In the past

Those men were practice

The past had to happen

This is what I dreamed of

So I don’t apologize for being frantic

The Universe let me taste abundance

& I’m screaming “Please Give Me Some Moore.” ❤️

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