In the office just us three

The Universe setting us free

Rendering third dimensional Karma to me

But it’s a blessing here you see

From the past left in the cold

Staying high even in lows

Our divine story is now to unfold

From my intuition the truth beholds

I see the changes to our life

& None of us are perfect

But we continue to fight

From all the forces against us

My Spirit Guides

Connected us

The Divine Force continues to protect us

In our faith is where we stand

Strengthening our trust

Across the land

The magnetic energy fusing through our hands

The Three Amigos united we stand

All because I trust the voice within.

So I am requesting your service

We are now genuinely worthy

Feeling panic like now I’m hurried

But we are not afraid

Grounded, we shall not scurry.

We fly away into the sun

Never speaking the things we’ve done

Into freedom we freely run

The little girl left in the cold

Has found her way into the warmth.

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