Staying in places we don’t belong

Ignoring our happiness all along

Makes us feel like we’re doing something wrong

But resisting our truth only makes it strong.

We have to free ourselves of fear

Get in our feelings

Watch insecurity disappear

Clear all of our self confusion

So the voices are near

We are clear on our decisions

So our divine path we can confidently steer.

So focused on third dimensional material

If I had to compare the two

The universal guidance is a full course breakfast

& Our small self fulfillments are like passing on that to eat a bowl of cereal

Yes, I believe in miracles.

& I’m here to be the vessel

No longer being selfish

To be a source of genuine wisdom

Embodying a Spiritual Queen

No longer a mortal peasant.

I want you all to transcend

No more concealing my blessings

Stop the blends of ego wins

Shatter your conformity to mortal egotistical trends

& Allow the Universe to step in

& Watch how gracefully the rays of abundance shine on your skin.

The End.

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