Finally I’ve overcome the feeling of defeat

Justice continues to leak from my pores

Her sweat smells bitter sweet

Should’ve remained humble

But I wanted to compete

With the woman I quickly outgrew

Heartbreak turned my wedding vows

Into something old & something blew

Manifesting all of my wildest dreams to come true

I am the magician and my life is the proof

So I continue to scream my verbs

Cannot do action without speaking words

I can careless of what was heard

But this genuine abundance I do deserve

Because of all the odds born against me

Maternal conflicting

Painted me to be so ugly

When I was already so pretty

Made up this fcking karma

No longer for the drama

Sometimes the illness is at the core

Mother Goose


Captain Father

No longer do I bother

From today I stand strong

My womanhood no longer wanders

I’ve nurtured myself through life

Freed myself from doing wrong

Walking forward toward the light

Historic cycles are now broke

Co-creating new foundations built on hope

Feeling high, not smoking dope

Singing mature so loud now

The glass houses finally broke

My family is now alive

Spiritually showtime

Because our forces are Divine

Now reading the book of love

& This chapter I’m naming MINE.

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