Compass to love.

I feel like I’ve been navigating through the dark mystery of love, with a compass, for the past 12 years.

When I was 15 and so forcefully shoved into something I thought would be as pleasant as the fairy tales painted; I discovered the true pain of heartache early.

12 years to date of experiences which I so blindly navigated through because I had no love role models. The thick fog of naive clouded the path to true abundance and because I had no candle. I had no flashlight.

Only a compass. A compass which had been thrown from generations down to me. A compass which was so warn and rusted the directions were barely legible.

I was shoved with a no blanket or coat and the stars were my only sense of warmth.

& still, after 12 years of searching for a route to the sunny skies of true abundance, love and happiness; I finally found it.

I found that true abundance in own heart. The guidance was within me the entire time. The light I so desperately needed to get through the woods of manipulation, low self esteem, and heartache was so brightly shining within my heart.

The day I found that light was the day the sun began to warm my melanin skin. The day I started to feel alive and the wind so freely blew my compass in a forward direction; down the road of abundance

To walk this path confidently because the signs and synchronicity s are so vividly painted along the bricks; highlighting it’s solid foundation.

For 12 years, my intuition has been the candle slowly burning so fiercely yet never dimming; regardless of how hard the wind blew.

So if you are lost on your journey and need a light, ignite the fire within yourself to see the signs to freedom and abundance.

So please, on this journey don’t rely on the compass which may deter the true direction of your hearts path.

Don’t forget your light; ever.

Safe traveling.

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