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Whatever it is you may need, I guarantee I can satisfy it if you have the courage to invest with me. Well do you? Are you ready for Moore?

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If not, I wish you well to alignment with someone better fit to your desires. You may exit this sacred space designated for those ready for Moore quality and intimate services, virtual learning, blog content, resources, clarity, and consulting.

Ase to those following me on.

Whether you identify as a Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Inner G, welcome to Moore of What You Need.

Where you gain access to quality and intimate Spiritual advising, emotional support, mental health resources, self care assistance, business development, Human Resources Management consulting, and Divine Feminine membership.

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Our Commitment to Moore

Orisha Sevyn Consulting and its affiliates care Moore. In 2021, Orisha Sevyn committed to providing natural sanitary, Feminine hygiene, and personal development resources and products to 20 grammar school aged Divine Feminines ; located here in Illinois. To read more about our commitment to Moore of the collective, visit the link to go to our blog post.

Our Membership

Are you seeking Moore Spiritually, Professionally, Personally, or Physically in your life? Do you want to gain access to Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity with the support of a compassionate consultant? Well One of Sevyn’s Membership is Moore of what you need to become aware, accountable, and active in your life.

Moore Beautiful Words.

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Owner, Blogger, Consultant, & Clairvoyant

Orisha Sevyn is the Sagittarius rising you didn’t know you needed Moore of in your life. Her experience, expertise, and energy are idiosyncratic. To learn Moore about her mission, background, and education, follow the link below.

The Moore Consultation

This is a 33 minutes long discussion designed to help you determine what you need Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and or energetically to feel Moore conscious, confident, and clear about your life. During this consultation, we explore your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your current Spiritual and physical health.

Master O Tarot

Experience this unique Tarot and Inner G reading course designed to enhance Moore of your intuitive abilities. Through audio recordings, creative works, templates, and activities Master O Tarot is Moore of what you need to become connected to your Higher Self, Spirit, and Source.

Orisha –

Mediator between Spirituality and Humanity.

Orisha Sevyn is now accepting Divine Masculine (Men) as clients.

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
10:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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